Jodhpur Baby
A photo of the creature
Type Cryptid
Continent Asia
Country India
One-Time? Yes
Theories  · Cryptid
 · Mutated baby

The Jodhpur Baby was a strange humanoid body discovered in Jodhpur's Bawadi village, where the villagers were digging tube well to fetch water.

It is very similar to the Mutant Muppet.


The creature resembles a small humanoid creature, almost human in nature. It appears to be 5 inches in height. It has very large, bulbous eyes, dark red skin, and a lighter underbelly.

Possible ExplanationsEdit

There are several explanations as to what the creature could be. Theories include:

  • An undiscovered species (a Cryptid)
  • A mutated human baby


Photo GalleryEdit

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